Finally, a helmet that lives up to your style

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It all started with a simple observation: "design and comfort of current urban helmets, coming straight from Sci-Fi movies, explain the low use of helmets in urban areas."


of regular cyclists wear a helmet


it is the reduction of risk of getting major brain trauma thanks to wearing a helmet


it is the reduction of risk of getting lethal head injuries in case of accident thanks to wearing a helmet

”We have then decided to create a helmet that would entice everyone to ride safely in order to regain control over his commuting, to claim ownership on his city and explore it with style, lightness and safety“,

explain David and Rebecca, two urban cycling enthousiasts who have founded Dada Cycles brand in 2018.

” How ? By offering an object that will exceed its own utilitarian vocation by also providing pleasure to the individual who wears it. A lifestyle accessory, that stands for hedonism, joy and agility. That we like to wear and which we identify with. “

Dada: the helmet reinvented

Design, refined and retro

We surrounded ourselves with industrial designers from the automobile industry in order to design a cycle helmet with refined and minimalist lines inspired from vintage helmets worn by pilots of 1950’s car racing and Italian motorbikes vespas.


Dada helmets have been thought to bring extra comfort thanks to various features:

  • Cosy vegan leather straps
  • Easy-to-use magnetic buckles that can be used with one hand
  • Detachable magnetic shield to protect eyes from rain, wind and sun.

The first sustainable helmet on the market

Mother-nature is our muse. Dada re-cycles.

We offer a second life to existing materials and replace non-renewable ressources with renewable ones:

  • Inner shell is made out of sugar cane, entirely bio-sourced, hence entirely biodegradable
  • Outer shell is made out of recycled polycarbonate.

Much more than a pretty accessory - Dada offers the highest level of protection

The whole design and manufacturing process have been thought to exceed requirements of the European (EN 1078) and American standards (CSPC). Though we are unable to complete our certifications until after production (by law), we are confident that our design will exceed all testing requirements.

Dada's DNA

We believe into the great impact of cycling on the happiness and health of the people practicing it but also on the city, understood as a space for discoveries, meetings and exchanges amongst its inhabitants

Strongly convinced that cycling is a part of the answer to the environmental challenges our societies are facing, we think we have to get the helmet in phase with the main values of cycling, which are: pleasure, health, and responsibility towards the environment.

Therefore, we strive to show that it is possible to conceive and manufacture a sustainable product that makes no compromise, neither on design, nor the environment.

Dada helmet is meaningful

Willing to offer the highest level of performance and a global coherence to our customers, we have mustered up the best European experts from cycle helmet, automobile and luxury products industries in order to favour high quality manufacturing and give birth to a product which is the fruit of a unique design and great amount of experience in various crafts and industrial fields. Their workshops are all located in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy.

By opting for manufacturing in Europe, which is at odds with the industry standards as the majority of cycle helmets brands have installed their manufacturing chain in Asia, we ensure that all our stakeholders and people involved in the manufacturing process, get decent salaries and wages, work reasonable hours, in best conditions possible, within workplaces that comply with gender equality principle.

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Finally, a helmet that lives up to your style

Soon on pre-sales on Kickstarter - Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about the early adopter discounts and other insights of Dada's journey